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About Me

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Chloe Long (aka Coco). I am a young woman living in Sarasota, FL and have lived here pretty much my entire life. I am also a main cast member on MTV’s hit reality show, Siesta Key.

This past year I went through an enormous transformation and spiritual awakening and discovered what it means to live in true peace and harmony with the universe. I believe God had me go through personal challenges before my awakening – most of which aired on national television for all to see – so that I would be able to help others with their own personal development journeys.

I believe it is my purpose to help awaken others to their true and highest potential. Because despite what we have been told, true happiness is always attainable. When you have the correct tools to apply to your everyday life, you will begin to see the true beauty that was meant for you all along. Here on Concept I post videos that focus on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health to help guide you as you step into greatness.

So repeat after me: I am in control of my own destiny. I have all the power within me to change my life right here and right now. I am ready to step into my power and live life in true peace and harmony.