Clean-ish Personal Care Products – For Kids

I am, by no means, perfect when it comes to using “clean” personal care products on my children 100% of the time. But, I do devote a good amount of time researching safe, healthy and non-toxic products that are gentle on their skin and have a good aroma. It sometimes seems like a balancing act, but there are many great products out there! 

For making bath time fun, I add bubbles for my girls using the Honest brand, Lavender Bubble Bath. It leaves their skin super soft, it smells good and it relaxes them for a good bedtime routine.

For shampoo on my younger daughter, Romee, I LOVE using this SheaMoisture Shampoo and Baby Wash. It smells so good and is very hydrating. It also comes in a lotion with the same scent.

Now, my older child, Kylee, has the CRAZIEST hair that is extremely hard to tame. So, on her, I use Dae Shampoo and Conditioner from Sephora. While it is not made for kids or tear-free, I keep a dry washcloth on hand just in case she needs to wipe her eyes. The scent is heavenly and it really detangles and tames well.

I have my girls use the Hello brand toothpaste because it is lacking many harmful ingredients and it is fluoride-free.  But, best of all, the girls love the watermelon taste, so they don’t mind brushing their teeth!

When picking out products for my kids, I’m always skeptical because I don’t want to use harsh or damaging products on them. I always look at the product ingredients using the app “THINK DIRTY”. It’s an awesome app that allows you to check the ingredients in your personal care products and helps you make better decisions on your skin care regimen purchases. There are plenty of clean products out there that are healthy, smell great and work magnificently! Let me know your favorites…I am always willing to try new products!!

Xxxx Your Modern Mommy, 

Kenzie L.

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