Women have been dealing with having frenemies pretty much our whole lives. Whether it was Kenzie on the kindergarten playground trying to steal Mason, the boy you had a crush on away from you, or Hannah, who was wearing designer brands by middle school.  Her parents threw her an insanely expensive 13 year old birthday birthday who of course “forgot to hand out your invite.”  Then there was Shelby the “prettiest” girl in high school,  who every single guy in our grade had a crush on and once she had her braces removed then the entire school.  I knew we either had to play nice or it was going to be another Mean Girls showdown in our high school cafeteria.  

Whether we want to admit this or not we have grown up in a world of competition and constantly comparing ourselves to the girl with the better smile, better body, better clothes, or nicer car. I’m not sure why but from an early age women are taught to compete with one another. And on top of that making fake friends so that you have less enemies? 

Would it truly be that crazy for two alpha females to get along? To help one another grow and become the best versions of themselves?  Unfortunately,  females are always going to get into disagreements with their friends.   If you are going to say you don’t argue with at least one of your best friends then we all know you are lying. I mean let’s face it how many times have you said “I will NEVER EVER EVER be friends with her again”. And then two months later someone texts someone and next thing you know you’re out at dinner partying with your friend like nothing ever happened? More than once, I am pretty sure of that. Obviously a lot of you have seen this journey with me and my friends a few too many times. But the one none of you seem to be able to wrap your head around is…

How did Amanda and I truly move on from my nose break in the back of the Uber incident. On weekly Coco this week Amanda and I break down that day and give all the details you really want to hear. It was honestly really therapeutic for the both of us. Of course being the emotional being I am, I cried. But the truth is Amanda and I have a bond that is indescribable. I always say Amanda is the ONLY person I know that will step into the ring with me anyway anywhere at any time. When you have two girls who are both alpha and are extremely strong willed it’s almost inevitable that they won’t get along. Having frenemies is something we should totally leave in the past. Amanda and I are the perfect example that it can be done. We respect each other and have learned one another’s love language. She doesn’t poke me when I’m hot and I don’t push her buttons when she’s upset. In fact, nowadays we do the opposite. We help defuse the situation so that we are always putting our best selves forward. At the end of the day treating each other with love and respect is really all we have to do. Removing your ego and being able to take a step back when trying to work through a disagreement with friends is one of the healthiest things you can do for your relationship and your inner self.

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