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What Is Goddess Coaching?

Welcome to the Goddess Coaching’s wonder world – where you and I can work face-to-face and have real connection as I help coach you through what it truly means to step into your power. I put together weekly talking points with all the tools and tricks I have learned from my spiritual teacher, books, retreats, and educational courses I have taken. These days, more than ever, we are lacking the human connection and a sense of belonging, but in these coaching groups, you will be surrounded by like-minded women who all have similar goals.

I realize sometimes putting yourself out there can be scary and uncomfortable. But it’s in those toughest moments of adversity – when you push through those emotions – that you will be rewarded the most. I can not wait to get to know each and every single one of you.

How Goddess Coaching Began

A few months into my journey, while taking a step back from filming Siesta Key, I was meditating on Siesta Key beach when the idea of this coaching came about. Going through my own personal transformation, I discovered my true passion – which is to help others on their own personal development journeys.

I love creating the COCO videos, but I was lacking the human connection of looking into someone’s eyes and really helping them do the work. That is when the Goddess Coaching idea came to light. See, when you heal yourself, you begin to heal those around you. It is a true domino effect.

1-on-1 Zoom Sessions

  • 1 hour Zoom session with Chloe
  • Cost is $100
  • 1 personal session
  • Limited spots available
  • Must be 18+
  • Have questions? Email Chloe


Goddess Coaching

The Goddess Coaching groups have been temporarily postponed, as Chloe is working to build goddess workshops with other experts in the spiritual and self-development community. If that is something you will be interested in please Email Chloe

What Other Goddesses Are Saying

I joined the Goddess Group in order to get into a deeper spiritual awareness and to connect to a deeper inner peace. It is the most amazing community of women supporting and encouraging each other. Chloe has such a pure and kind soul, guiding us to a healthier and happier version of ourselves. This group has created more self awareness and a deeper desire for self love through so many different spiritual avenues. I can hardly wait to connect with these beautiful souls each week.

Sara StewardIG @sarabsteward

Ok seriously LOVED being a part of this group! Made me feel so at home and accepted. Also, taught me a very valuable, life changing skill... how to meditate!! I would HIGHLY recommend this group for anyone looking to feel accepted, loved, and heard! So amazing!

Monica LaurenIG @monsbabyy

Coming from someone who has really struggled with anxiety and depression the Goddess group has been a godsend! Connecting with all the ladies has been wonderful. Chloe is educated in all things mental health and wellness! I am very grateful to be a part of such an amazing tribe of ladies! I could not speak any more highly of Chloe and what she is doing for me and many other women.

Lillie VonCannonIG @lillie_voncannon

Being able to expand my spiritual identity helped me ground myself in everyday life. I learned so much within myself while connecting with others. Finding a strong, powerful, and accepting group of women is the one of the best forms of empowerment!

Casey NebusIG @casey_nebus

The Goddess Group is amazing! It was completely out of my comfort zone to join the group, but I'm so glad I did. Chloe is authentic, relatable, and an incredible leader. I've learned so much about spirituality and mental, emotional, and physical health. She shares attainable goals and habits and a variety of strategies to help keep a positive mindset. Her and the group of girls are some of the most real and vulnerable people I've ever met. I'm so thankful to be a part of it - it's truly changed my life!

Kara GargiuloIG @karagargiulo

Like Chloe says manifest what you want and need and it shall come in some form! My life was upside down in all ways mentally, emotionally, and definitely spiritually my daughter was in a mental health hospital and working on her spiritual health and boom Chloe posted about Goddess group! My daughter and I bonded over this experience with Chloe and the amazing ladies! I found my miracle I've learned so much with Chloe’s guidance... just simple things grounding myself daily sometimes hourly, and how just am intentions start your days off so much better and gratitude nightly, and how it’s ok to get distracted while meditating just thank that thought and go right back. I feel way more calm happy! I literally feel like Jacki 2.0 and it’s amazing! I’m loving sharing all my tools with others I just can’t thank the Goddess group enough and Chloe!

Jacki MacAuleyIG @jackimac1981