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Hello ladies,

So, my question for all of you is, what is one thing that is constantly on your mind? Hmm… Is it sex? Nope. Is it food? No, not quite. How about boys? Eh, yes, but no. Wait, is it how you look? Is it your body weight? Ah, yes. Now we are talking.


None of us like to admit that, but it is true. As women, maintaining our weight and body image is a constant, ongoing battle. Yes, social media has accelerated this fight with ourselves, but the truth is that this existed prior to Instagram model days. Impossible female body ideals have always been a part of our history. I mean, just think about all the sculptures and paintings of women created centuries ago? Each one expresses a different idea of what is considered “beautiful” and what women should be or at least aim to be. 


As females, there has always been pressure on how we should look and what size we should be. Are we too curvy or are we too thin? We fight so hard to fit into this superficial compartment of comparison, and for what? To look just like the rest? These outlooks have altered the way women think of themselves and led them to judge themselves to no end. Here at ‘Concept by Chloe we are going to alleviate these mental tussles – not only with our weekly workouts, but also with positive mental strategies.


These days, These days everyone wants that “quick fix”, “a flat tummy in 10 minutes”, “a booty growth pill” and everything else under the sun and moon. Those all sound intriguing, right? Trust me, I GET IT, but even IF those temporary remedies do actually work – they will not give you the results your longing for. They wont change your mindset or the way you look at yourself, they wont change they way you judge and condemn yourself. Self image is exactly what it sounds like, its an image of yourself. An image that can be altered, edited, transformed, and filtered. You know what you can’t capture in one singe image? Your mind, your soul, and the most deepest depth of who you are on the inside.


If you want to change the outside you have to start from the inside – that’s just how it goes. When you focus on  having a positive mindset, a clear head, and a optimistic outlook on life – the life around you starts to get brighter. That’s where it all really starts, it all starts with YOU.






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