Oregano Oil & Yoga

Meditation Is a way to activate yourself to Source Energy. Source Energy flows through everything, and is made of everything. Source energy is what God is recognized to be throughout all cultures across the globe. When you hear about Source Energy know it is the connection between the physical and the non-physical states of being. It is the “all knowing” and the “all known”. When you set some time to quiet your mind you will be able hear how to heal yourself, with your own Divinity, using this Source Energy. This action can be instant and spills over into the chalice for healing of the whole world. When we utilize our own Energy Centers, and choose to heal our own lives, the energy is infectious. Within our Being is 7 energy centers that can get out of balance if we are not actively working to align them. 

They are in order the: 

1.)Root Chakra (red), for Physical needs, Passion, and Anger

2.) Sacral Chakra (orange), for Joy, Vitality, Creativity, Sexuality

3.) Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow), for vitality, Power, Self-Confidence

4.) Heart Chakra (green), for Love, Peace, Compassion

5.)Throat Chakra (blue), for Communication, true to one Self

6.)Third Eye Chakra (indigo), for Intuition, Understanding 

7.) and the Crown Chakra (violet), for Peace, Oneness. 

  When we practice a quiet yoga meditation once a day, we can tap into this Source Energy. Source Energy allows us to attract Abundance into our lives. It gives us exactly what we ask for from many different unexpected avenues. It is the secret, ancient powers of being human, and must be met with gratitude in order to attract what you deserve into your life. Yoga also is very healthy and beneficial for your body. It can be used for weight loss, physical exercise, mental stability, circulatory health, protection from injuries, improved respiration, decrease in stress, fights depression, promotes sleep quality, reduces inflammation in the body, lessens anxiety. I truly believe in the healing of yoga, and am glad that this week on COCO I could share with you!

  This week I challenge you to take on a YouTube yoga class, or find a Yoga Studio which appeals to you if you are not signed up with one already. There are so many different types of studios and it is very important to find the one which aligns to your values, morals, your Spiritual journey, and just what feels right to your Soul. It is important to find a teacher which really brings yoga to life, and definitely one which is not stuck in a systematic hourly cycle. It is important to feel rejuvenated, peaceful, safe, uplifted, refreshed, and revitalized after and during a yoga class. If you like COCO and I’s class today let us know and we could do more videos for you in the coming weeks! 

~ dÖ-Terra Oregano Oil 

-Surpasses Cancerous agents within the body

  • Acts an an anti-inflammatory
  • Acts as an anti-diabetic
  • Relieves muscle pain
  • Lowers cholesterol 
  • Improves gut health (candida)
  • natural antibiotic
  • Heals wounds
  • Oregano Oil is not meant to be ingested more than two days in a row. Please ask a Wellness Advocate before using. 

I love you- but more importantly COCO and I love you. Have a beautiful week full of Abundance, Yoga, Meditations, Happiness, Peace, and LIGHT! You are learning more about your CONCEPT’s  for a Beautiful Life and we are so happy to be on this journey with you! 

Lelani Bright

Founder, #BeautifulLife

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