Romee turns three!!

With Romee turning three this weekend, and instead of having a party, we are going to Disney World! (I will share my experience on that next!) But, for this week, I’ll share a little about my Romee Rosie. I call her my sour patch because she is literally the sweetest, and only sometimes sour, little one. She is VERY clingy to mommy and daddy but loves to do things on her own and be Ms. Independent. She is so compassionate, even at such a young age. She always wants to comfort everyone around her if they are upset. (When Kylee is in time out, she tries to get to her every time to make her feel better.) While she is very sweet, she also has a fierce-fullness in her and can always stand her own ground. Later in life, that will be a WONDERFUL trait of hers. She makes me so proud every day and while I wish she would stay little forever, I can’t wait to watch her grow into her own self!

Here are some pictures from each birthday:

First Born
Spent her first birthday in our favorite place, COLORADO
Her second birthday party – Twotty fruity
Right before her third birthday, she got to see how important it is to vote!

Romee Rosie is my little love bug and I can’t wait to watch her grow!

Your Modern Mommy,

Kenzie L.

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